“In a historical moment when Christians are struggling with a culture that is alternately antagonistic and smugly dismissive of authentic faith, as well as a church that can seem lost or irrelevant, we long to encounter heroes of the faith who demonstrated lives of genuine spiritual passion and impacted their generation for God. George Whitefield is that kind of hero.”

Over a ministerial career that spanned more than three decades, revivalist George Whitefield became known throughout America and the rest of the eighteenth-century English-speaking world for his impactful preaching and fiery passion for God. Lisa brings Whitefield’s own words and transformative life events to inspire the reader to pursue Jesus with reckless love and abandon. Discussion questions included.

Forthcoming from Square Halo Books in 2023

“As we grow in the godly characteristics that generate spiritual passion, we will see our excitement for God and His purposes grow and deepen along with our intimacy with Him.”

In this book that examines eight lesser-known women of the Bible—a dissatisfied princess, a suffering mother, a wartime advisor, an emerging prophetess, a marginalized widow, among others—Lisa helps uncover how we can increase our desire and affection for God. Discussion questions, application ideas, and steps for deeper growth are included.

“Contemplation enables us to partner better with God in creative efforts, and I think that’s just one example of how taking the time to invest in our interior lives produces exterior things that we value and that the world values.”

The God-given creativity in all of us flourishes when we learn the art of contemplation–a spirit of listening and expectancy that recognizes and engages with the wonder and beauty beyond the physical world. Naming the Animals authors Stephen Roach and Ned Bustard join with Lisa on this podcast to discuss practical ways to develop our inner connection with God and our ability to attune ourselves to the deeper purposes of life.

“And oh that the Lord may now enable me to lift up my voice like a trumpet! For had I a thousand tongues, or could I speak so loud that the whole world might hear me, I could not sound a more useful alarm than that which is contained in the words of the text—watch, therefore, my brethren, I beseech you, by the mercies of God in Christ Jesus.”

Encounter the twenty-five-year-old Englishman who thrilled and astonished tens of thousands of listeners in the American colonies in the 1740s–the international preaching sensation George Whitefield. This virtual reality experience places viewers in locations where Whitefield either did or could have preached as excerpts are dramatically delivered from one of his most powerful sermons.